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Exterior Hand

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Deep Cleans

Headlight Restoration, Ceramic & More

At VehiClean, our goal is to make your car look, feel, and smell like it just rolled off the dealership lot. It's much more than a drive-through car wash. We get in deep, into the places you didn't even realize exist, we sanitize, deep clean, polish, and protect every inch of your vehicle, from top to bottom, inside and out.

Your vehicle undergoes a lot of wear and tear especially here in the PNW.

Summer months bring extreme heat and UV radiation to the exterior and interior trim alike, not to mention fading paint and dust.

Winter months bring rain, snow, rust, mud, and many other environmental issues which wear down on the paint, trim, and interiors as well.

Let's not even talk about the fall and spring seasons known for tree sap, leaves, and much more.

Then there are year-round issues like loose gravel on the roadways, and sand. This doesn't even begin to cover pollution, smoke, exhaust fumes, food, and coffee spills in the interior.

Your car takes you everywhere, so why not treat it, and yourself, well in the process. Clean cars are cool cars, and cool cars make you feel more confident and proud while driving.

We believe that everyone feels more confident when driving around a clean, beautiful vehicle. So go ahead- show off your ride and be proud of it!

This is why we offer a full-service experience including:

  • Exterior hand washing, detailed polishes, waxes, clay bar treatments, and ceramic coatings for long-lasting weather protection. We're talking protection for exterior paint, trim, chrome, wheels, tires, even your vehicle's undercarriage.

  • Interior deep cleans using detailed vacuuming, disinfectants, carpet steam cleaning, stain removal, shampooing, and conditioning upholstery, UV sun, and future stain protection technology.

  • Paint scratches or rock chips? Cloudy or hazy headlights? Scratches on your interior trim? We can fix it!